Laline Paull

Author, playwright, screenwriter

Biology + Story = Nature’s POV


My new novel POD is a cetacean epic, based in real environmental science and marine biology. Focused on four specific dolphin and whale species, with a cast of many other marine creatures, it’s published in April 2022 by Corsair in the UK and Commonwealth. A tale of family, tribalism, migration, love, sacrifice and survival.

THE BEES was my debut novel, an insect thriller that centres on the amazing fact of the laying worker in the honeybee hive. Motherhood is punishable by death, in a world where only the Queen may breed. A sensational true story, just waiting to be told. Currently in adaptation at The National Theatre for a 2022 production, their first VR/live-action show.

THE ICE – The story of a naive and venal British businessman entangled in the murky realpolitik of Arctic development. Triggered by visiting Svalbard (the contested Norwegian/Russian Arctic archiepelago) and learning how conservation is used to greenwash hard-nosed investment, and simultaneously cordon off highly strategic parts of the globe for military use. I learned how international treaties mean nothing if everyone looks the other way.

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