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The Ice

Cover of The Ice

It’s the day after tomorrow and the Arctic summer sea ice has completely melted. Well ahead of any legislation to protect it, a new ocean is open for business – and completely at its mercy.

Sean Cawson and Tom Harding, bonded in their youth by shared Arctic obsession, reunite after a period of estrangement. Each has fulfilled a very different dream: Sean to become vastly wealthy, and Tom, to be an environmental hero. In a unique new venture they plan to not only protect this fragile place they love, but also show business a new way to profit.

When Tom is killed in an accident, Sean survives. Their venture goes on to thrive, but he knows he has suffered some kind of psychic damage. He can’t sleep, he can’t rest, but he pushes through with work and distractions. Three years later when Tom’s body emerges from a glacier and a date for the inquest is set, Sean tells himself this is closure. But his growing fear tells him it is anything but. There is someone he must face, whom he has spent a lifetime avoiding. Himself.

A story of friendship and betrayal, greed and love, THE ICE weaves archival material from centuries past, with up-to-the-minute research on developments in the Arctic Ocean. And whilst it’s being marketed as a literary thriller (and I’m delighted if it qualifies in both categories) I wrote it because the more I experienced the Arctic the more fascinated I became – and the more alarmed for its future.

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Literary Awards:

Awarded Brookleaze Travel Grant